資生堂のハイブランド化。Shiseido’s high brand.










2021/01/22, Shiseido (4911) negotiates to sell low-priced daily necessities business for mass retailers to CVC Capital Partners, a major European investment fund. The selling price is 150 to 200 billion yen. Bloomberg was reported in Reuters News. Masahiko Uotani, president of Shiseido, decided to build a stronger brand by specializing in high-priced products.

In the past, it has specialized in high-end brands at the discretion of President Christophe Weber of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (4502). The business, which both Shiseido and Takeda have given up, is profitable. However, he decided that selling was a good way to strengthen the brand.

Shiseido values its employees very much and has no gender issues. Because my acquaintance is a woman, has a family, and has a serious illness. However, she has taken enough time for her medical treatment and is returning to work.

Shiseido’s performance is not good with this new corona. So now it seems to be focusing on the skin care sector. This is a very good decision. Because, among the races, the most sensitive skin is the Asians.

According to one doctor, the sutures in surgery are completely different from those of whites and blacks. This is due to the different thickness of the skin. Therefore, whites and blacks have thick skin even after surgery, so the stitching is easy. However, Asians have thin skin. Therefore, if you do not suture carefully, scratches will remain. There is such a situation.

Therefore, skin care products developed in Japan, where there are many Asians, are given very delicate consideration. The brand is narrowed down to a high price and sold. This is a legitimate reward for the development technology. So the skin care sector has expanded significantly and its price is bullish and good. That’s because the technology, manufacturing, and development are beyond imagination.

You can expect a lot. Shiseido’s strategy is expected to expand its business in the future. It was such fun news. If you would like to know about Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, I will post a link, so if you are interested, please see the details.

This article was created with reference to Reuters, Bloomberg and Nikkei TV News.

作成者: Qoo

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