つらくて、学校に行きたくない人へ。For those who are hard and don’t want to go to school.













As I wrote before, my parent’s company went bankrupt and I ran away at night. So, for a while, I lived in an old apartment with my family and only the things around me.

At that time, if I transfer my resident’s card, I will get a debt collector, so I decided to use the temporary admission and system to go to the school to which I moved. I borrowed the school uniform from an acquaintance.

However, I couldn’t transfer my resident card, so I didn’t sell it at the store, so I didn’t have a “textbook”. I had enough money to buy a book. However, it was a school that did not sell “textbooks” at the store and used “textbooks” that were completely different from the textbooks of the school I attended.

The school I entered temporarily did not prepare a “textbook”. The classmates of the class I was in went around various classes, then “national language”, then “society”, and every hour, every hour, I ran down the corridor and prepared a “textbook”. Gave me.

The teacher who entered the school knew it, but she didn’t lend me a “textbook”. The hardest part was the “English” class. I had a “word” test every time I was in class, even though I wasn’t ready to study. It was always 0 points. The grade of “English”, which I was most good at, got worse. This was due to this.

Seeing that way, my parents paid my friend’s family every month enough money for the first time a new graduate to get a job, and I lived alone like a boarding house. I had it myself without borrowing all the shampoo and soap. The money was painful, but the parents gave it to the friend’s family.

However, I was bullied very much. It was very hard, 3 months. So, my heart was so painful that I couldn’t rely on anyone. That’s how my grades got worse. But my parents didn’t say anything.

For many reasons, I think there are people who want to go to school but can’t. But if you read this story, I’m not the only one. I think it seems. The hard part is my life. I want to write because I want everyone to have courage, but everything can be hard to say. So it’s just a little.

There is a book called “Dendemushi no Kanashimi”. In an article published in the Mainichi Shimbun, it was written that when a psychological counselor listened to people’s stories, it seemed to be very swirling, and everyone was surprised and saddened by having a lot of sadness. did. I cut this article and her mother gave it to me. I think many people are worried about various things. She is, though, she is not the only one.

Everyone has sadness. Therefore, there are various lives and various things. People who can’t go to school, people who don’t want to go to school, I think it’s hard, but I’m sure there are some good things. Please do your best, don’t throw away your hope. May there be good things. I pray.

作成者: Qoo

住宅は、買い替え派。住宅ローンは、3年半で完済。 株式投資歴は、長い。 Housing is a replacement group. The mortgage is paid off in three and a half years. He has a long history of investing in stocks.